M12’s Campito Project Selected for Venice Architecture Biennale

The Venice Architecture Biennale is one of the most prestigious architecture events in the world and we are elated to announce, that Richard Saxton, founder and principal creative for the M12 Art Collective, has been selected to be exhibited as part of Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good. The exhibit at the US Pavilion in Venice organized by the Institute for Urban Design will include M12’s “Campito” project.

M12's Campito project, Venice Architecture Biennale, Richard Saxton

M12’s Campito project is selected for the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale

Spontaneous Interventions will frame an archive of compelling, actionable strategies, ranging from urban farms to guerilla bike lanes, temporary architecture to poster campaigns, urban navigation apps to crowdsourced city planning. These efforts cut across boundaries, addressing architecture, landscape, infrastructure, and the digital universe, and run the gamut from symbolic to practical, physical to virtual, whimsical to serious. All of the work selected for Spontaneous Interventions shares an optimistic willingness to venture outside conventional practice and to deploy fresh tactics to make cities more sustainable, accessible and inclusive. This show will be on display August 29th through November 25th, 2012.

The Campito project focuses on  social engagement and community dialog about the sheep wagon and the larger issues inherently tied to its present day reality; heritage of the American West, contemporary agriculture, food production, globalization, immigration, and workers rights.

M12’s project collaborators include; Richard Saxton, Kirsten Stoltz, Alvin Gregorio, Jared Walters, David Wyrick, Brian Cook, Kris Harzinski, and Stuart Hyatt. Interns on the selected project include; Kim Inglis, Jon Geiger, Adrianna Santiago, and Yolanda Chichester.

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