Continental Drift and Real Estate: Friday the 13th at MCA Denver

Continental Drift brings together the work of seven Colorado artists, each exploring the idea of place in very different ways, ranging from studies of historical sites to reflections on contemporary ruins, from examinations of intimate personal spaces to conceptualizations of place itself. The artists included in this exhibition are Christina Battle, Scott Johnson, Jeanne Liotta, Sarah McKenzie, Adam Milner, Yumi Janairo Roth and Edie Winograde.

Yumi Roth, MCA Denver

Real Estate: Properties & Other Listings presents the work of the artist collective Tercerunquinto, made up of the artists Julio Castro, Gabriel Cázares and Rolando Flores of Mexico City. Tercerunquinto makes small changes in the fabric of a city that reveal what might otherwise remain unseen, calling attention to relationships between a city and its citizens, an artist and an artwork, and a museum and its patrons.

See both exhibitions

Friday, July 13

6–8PM Members Preview

8PM–MIDNIGHT Public Opening

5¢ for teens, students, conceptual artists, New Mexicans, Utahns and Wyomingites. 10¢ for everyone else.

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